Custom Timing Pulleys: Elevate Your Precision with Superior Performance

Experience precision and high-performance engineering with York Industries Europe’s Custom Timing Pulleys. Renowned as manufacturing leaders, we specialize in manufacturing cutting-edge solutions for synchronous drives, leveraging both traditional and CNC processes. Our capabilities encompass gear cutting, turning, milling, broaching, honing, and meticulous surface treatment, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meeting your unique requirements.


Our expertise extends across a diverse range of pitches, accommodating sizes from .080” (MXL) to 8mm GT®. With a commitment to adaptability, we work with various materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and precision-machined plastic.


When you choose York Industries Europe for your custom timing pulleys, you’re selecting a partner committed to delivering a seamless process. Our experienced team collaborates with you at every step, ensuring precision aligned with your specifications. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes, placing your trust in our high-quality, durable products that consistently exceed expectations.


What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, evident in our emphasis on quality and precision. As a trusted partner in Custom Timing Pulley manufacturing for synchronous drives, we consistently strive to meet diverse customer needs.


Explore our custom projects further in the Capabilities section, gaining insight into the depth of our expertise. Additionally, our team is always prepared to help you save time and money through early collaboration in the design process. Contact us today to leverage our comprehensive knowledge and elevate your synchronous drive solutions with custom timing pulleys, delivering unparalleled performance and precision. Partner with York Industries Europe for a superior standard in custom timing pulley manufacturing.


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