Hobbing and Shaping

York manufactures timing pulleys, gears, sprockets and splines by using gear hobbing and shaping machines up to 16″ (400mm) in diameter and 16″ (400mm) length. All parts are machined, never extruded. Our capability includes both external and internal gears and splines.

Timing Pulleys

Our standard timing pulley pitches include .080″ (MXL), .0816″ (40 DP), 1/5″ (XL), 3/8″ (L), 1/2″ (H), 2mm, 3mm, 5mm and 8mm PowerGrip®GT, 3mm and 5mm HTD®, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10. 

Gears and Sprockets

We manufacture spur, helical and worm gears as well as worms, splines and sprockets with pitch capacity ranging from 6DP to 120DP including module pitches.

General Machining

Our services also include:

  • CNC Turning up to 12″ (300mm) diameter
  • CNC Milling – 15″ (400mm) x 30″ (800mm)
  • Broaching (keyway, D-bore, spline, etc.)
  • Honing


  • Every timing pulley is inspected on an optical comparator and by using tooth profile overlay, which guarantees the best quality product and trouble-free operation with matching timing belt.
  • All gears are inspected by using a computerized gear tester to AGMA 12 tolerance. 
  • CMM Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • AQL


Our engineering team is ready to assist you with design questions. Contact us not only if you have any difficulty to select off the shelf product, but also when you are seeking help with your custom design.

  • Reverse engineering capability
  • Cost savings solutions and process improvements at prototype stage

Miscellaneous York Industries Capabilities


HELICOIL® is the preferred choice to strengthen, reinforce or repair screw threads in soft alloy components. HELICOIL® inserts ensure high-strength threads, transferring forces from flank to flank into the holding thread.


Bar code labels are available in your choice of format and can help to make your products easier to ship or keep inventory of.


We offer Kanban Inventory Management or Blanket Purchase Orders to allow us to stock materials exclusively which helps with cost reduction and J.I.T. delivery.


We offer welding capabilities for timing pulleys and assemblies. 


York Industries is a certified dock-to-stock supplier for our customers.


Statistical Process Control inspection is available upon customer request.

Materials We Work With

Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Nylon, Acetal

Surface Finishing

Anodizing, Chemical Film, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Black Oxide, Passivation, Heat Treatment